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we offer cost-effective Minicab and Private hire  options for students, complete with enticing student discounts and promotional codes

Student Discount

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** All Students can avail with valid Uni/college student card.

Did you know ? that The London city has a huge student population with almost 370,00 full-time students studying there. The city can’t keep up with the growing student population, meaning Transportation is harder to get hold of. At My London Transfer, we are providing a dependable, secure, and cost-effective taxi service for our London University’s Student and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever and whenever they require it.

Student life presents its fair share of challenges, and financial management is undeniably a significant aspect of it. Navigating the world of higher education demands that students frequently shift accommodations, travel to and from during term breaks, and juggle various expenses. Those who reside away from their family homes are well aware that transportation costs can be burdensome, compounded by the logistical challenge of transporting all their necessities. The added stress and fatigue stemming from relying on public transportation can further eat into the precious time that seems to evaporate all too quickly during one’s university journey.

International Students Minicab service – Airport Minicab service

Being a student is undoubtedly challenging, but moving to another country for education, far from loved ones, can intensify those challenges. It’s crucial for students to feel secure and have a dependable means of transportation. Tranzitt specializes in providing student Minicab airport transfers, ensuring that you have a stress-free and reliable transport option.

No matter which city you find yourself in – whether it’s Manchester, London, Birmingham, or any other – our Minicab services are available to facilitate your airport transfers to and from major airports like Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead, Manchester, and many more..

Our service allows you to pre-book Minicabs for students, whether you need a one-time ride or recurring transportation. This convenience eliminates the last-minute scramble of arranging transport on the day of your departure while you’re rushing to complete your packing.

Our team of friendly drivers is dedicated to ensuring your journey starts on the right note. They will greet you at the airport gate, providing a warm welcome and the assurance of being punctual for your flight. With My London Transfer, your student life abroad can begin with a smooth and worry-free arrival, leaving you more time to focus on your studies and embrace your exciting educational journey..

Cheap Taxis for University Student
  1. Imperial College
  2. University College
  3. King’s College
  4. The London School of Economics and Political Science
  5. Queen Mary University
  6. University of London City
  7. University of London Birkbeck
  8. Royal Holloway
  9. Brunel University
  10. SOAS University

Seasonal and end of term cheap Minicabs for University Student

Whether you’re travelling back home or embarking on an exciting exploration of the UK, consider us your reliable transportation partner. At your disposal, we offer cost-effective Minicab and Private hire  options for students, complete with enticing student discounts and promotional codes to commemorate the end of term. Rest assured, we’ve got your luggage situation covered with a diverse range of vehicles that can accommodate all your belongings. So, pack as much as you desire; there’s no need to hold back! And here’s a brilliant idea: why not amplify the fun by traveling with your friends and splitting the fare as you embark on this journey together? It’s not only a great way to save money but also to create lasting memories with your companions.

Moving in or out of accommodation at a Affordable price

For students residing far from their hometowns, the process of moving in and out can often be a source of frustration. However, with our accommodating drivers, you can say farewell to the hassle. They are ready to assist you in loading all your belongings into the car and ensuring a seamless delivery right to your accommodation’s doorstep. Forget about the stress of misplacing your items during a chaotic journey on public transportation. What’s more, you can complete your move in a single trip, eliminating the need for multiple back-and-forth journeys to collect the remaining items.

All of these conveniences are offered to you at an affordable price, and we sweeten the deal with special student discounts and promo codes available during fresher’s week and at the end of the academic year. So, make your student life in London easier and more cost-effective with our reliable services!

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